The Australia China Friendship and Development Association Incorporated, commonly abbreviated as “ACFDA”, is an Australian non-profit organization with an international outlook (Australian incorporation number: A42033). ACFDA’s Head Office is located in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. The members of ACFDA include both Australian and Chinese governmental officials, scholars and Deans of colleges, universities and research institutes as well as business elites and other professionals from various industry backgrounds. The purpose of ACFDA is to enhance friendly relations between Australia and China by driving and supporting the establishment of Australia-China linked endeavors and collaborations in the areas of culture, education and economic exchange. Since its establishment, ACFDA has achieved significant results in promoting Australia-China linked endeavors in the areas of culture, education, economic and trade exchange and the promotion and establishment of future collaborations.

Typical activities of ACFDA include:
Lectures on current affairs and culture of Australia and China
Encouraging language and cultural teaching exchanges
Organizing delegations to China
Welcoming and hosting delegations from China
Events for Chinese students and investors
Organizing/attending Chinese exhibitions
Establishment of long-term relationships between Australian and Chinese cities, schools, ports, airports, organizations and so on.
Encouraging exporting to China
Facilitating investment from China