Welcome to the Australia China Friendship and Development Association Incorporated (ACFDA). ACFDA is an Australian member-based, non-profit organization with an international outlook. The purpose of ACFDA is to enhance friendly relations between Australia and China by driving and supporting the establishment of Australia-China linked endeavors and collaborations in the areas of culture, education and economic exchange. ACFDA is led by a management team whose members are from a wide range of business and professional backgrounds. They have extensive experience and knowledge of the culture, education, business, export and investment opportunities with China. Many of them are bilingual speakers and have worked in both China and Australia. Their dedication to ACFDA’s objectives drives the day to day operations of ACFDA’s activities. While ACFDA has a small, hard-working, and dedicated staff, the staff are small in number. The membership is the backbone of the Association. It is rather obvious that a membership organization without sufficient membership would soon cease to exist. But ACFDA relies not only on the existence of our membership base, but upon our member’s involvement, their dedication, their generous commitment of time and immense effort. As Executive President and a member of ACFDA, I appreciate each of our representatives and their contribution. Our membership has produced a legacy of which we can be proud, and will be the foundation for our continued success. Thank you once again for your support. Your support helps to shape the future of ACFDA, and the benefits we provide to you as a valued member. For non-members, I would welcome your participation as a member of our Association and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in our shared future.

Kind regards,

Stephen Chen
Executive President, ACFDA


There are many shared values between China and Australia, and numerous common interests link two countries closely. Both China and Australia are nations with vast territories, rich productions and diligent people. By having a strong presence in Asia-Pacific and the world geologically and economically, China and Australia share the role of the active promoter and practitioner in the trend of trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation.Although we are tens thousand miles apart in the Pacific Ocean, the long-lasting friendly interaction began centuries ago. Since the turning of the 19th century, many Chinese people crossed the Pacific and arrived in Australia to make a living on this land, participating in the development and construction of Australia, they contributed their important parts in Australia’s economic advancements and its multicultural society formation.

In 2014, the establishment of China Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership carried out fruitful economic and trade substantial cooperations. Not long ago, the signed China Australia Free Trade Agreement marked a historic milestone in the long-standing development of two countries’ relationships, and it introduced this relationship to a new historical era to a large extent.The China-Australia cultural exchanges thrived in recent years. An increasing number of Chinese and Australian engaging in cultural and artistic events. China became Australia’s  biggest source of tourists for Australia, and Australia ranked second-biggest overseas study destination for Chinese students. In 2014, the number of mutual visits between two countries reached 1.5 million, and more than 200,000 Chinese students are studying in Australia while an increasing number of Australian students choose to study in China. Besides, there are numerous China-origin citizens and residents live in Australia, who made their delible contributions in Australian social development and cultural diversity.

Kind regards,

Yasha Ke
Honorary President, ACFDA


It is with great pleasure to be invited to be the Hon President / SeniorAdvisor of Australia China Friendship & Development Association Inc. I would like to thank the management committee & organisation for the trust & confidence bestowed on myself to hold this important leadership role with ACFDA.

This appointment could not come at a better time for me to offer my services and bring my network to ACDFA to enhance the good works already done by the organisation to foster greater trade, investment, people to people’s relationships between Australia and China. The establishment of China Australia Free Trade Agreement between China and Australia brings new opportunities and also challenges as well. To better understand and generate mutual benefits, cultural awareness and friendship, I look forward to working with ACFDA committee and team to playing important part to bridge the gaps, which are so vital and lots of works are still required.

May I wish ACGFA Management & team all the best in the delivery of the wonderful services to the members and China/ Australia’s relationship.

Francis Wong


Cultural and economic ties between China and Australia reach back to the time of the arrival of Europeans in Australia, if not further back into antiquity.

The last decade or so has seen a huge blossoming of these ties providing significant benefits to the peoples of both countries. ACFDA, under the careful leadership of its Executive President, Stephen Chen, has played and continues to play a vital role in that blossoming. Modern Australia is a vast continent with a small population and huge natural assets from the minerals in the ground, our extensive agricultural and horticultural experience and assets, to our unique flora and fauna, clear blue skies and wonderful scenery for the enjoyment of international visitors. China is a venerable and ancient country and culture with a very large population exploding with opportunity, both culturally and economically.

ACFDA provides wonderful services to assist bringing the peoples of our two nations closer together. I am delighted to be an Honorary President of ACFDA, adding my weight to the full development of these cultural and economic opportunities.

Marcus La Vincente